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Rebecca Allen - Treasurer

Parent of 6th grade Tucker alumni, 4th grader and 2nd grader

It is our 6th year at Tucker! We have a lot of favorite memories at Tucker some of them are watching the great performances at Unity night, the excitement of the first day of school, and the wonderful memories we have made with the staff and teachers at Tucker!


Kerry Hurley Brown - 5th grade committee VP

Parent of 5th, 3rd, 1st grader and niece (kindergarten) all are students at Tucker Elementary School.  I am also a proud alumni of Tucker Class of ‘88. I remember my time at Tucker fondly and I am happy to report my sons are having the same experience.  I am so appreciative to have such a special community of administration, faculty, students, parents and caregivers.

Sarah Callahan - VP Diversity, Equity and Engagement

Parent of 5th, 3rd and 1st grader at Tucker. This is our 5th year at Tucker.  "There is a strong culture around College Preparation at Tucker-- I'll never forget the first time I heard all the grades recite their college cheer-- when expectations are high, our kids generally rise to the occasion.  I love that all children are taught from an early age that they are expected to achieve, and that their elementary experience is part of the preparation they need to do so.  Tucker teachers and staff know that our kids can do whatever they put their minds to!"

Vanessa Foster - VP of Hospitality

Parent of 2nd grade & Pre-K, This is our 3rd year at Tucker

My favorite Tucker memory: watching my pre-k daughter lead the 5th graders in a dance party at the spring Pot Luck.

Lateefah Franck - VP Diversity, Equity and Engagement

Parent of 2 kindergartners and a first grader


Katie Manning - 5th grade committee VP

My name is Katie Manning and this is my 10th and final year as a Tucker Mom.  My daughter Georgia is in 5th grade.  My favorite Tucker memory is the first year of the Tucker Talent Show when Daniel Keating sang Firework by Katy Perry and all the other 5th graders joined him and ended the show with a bang.  There are so many memories that it is hard to pick one.  I'm just going to enjoy every last day this year I get to be part of such an amazing community. 


Heidi Schleicher - 5th grade committee VP

Parent of 5th grader and 8th grade Tucker alumni

I've been a Tucker parent for 6 years. Favorite Tucker memories are the Spring Fair, Milton 5k run with Tucker Running Club (Ms. Young is awesome!), & UN night last year was amazing!!


Tanjirene Smith - VP of Communications

Parent of a 3rd grader and have been at Tucker for 2 years. My favorite memory at Tucker so far was watching a group of children untie and retie a blanket for the animal shelter during a Tucker Cares event, just to make sure it looked nice for the animal that would use it.

Stacey Solomon - VP of Hospitality

I am a proud mother of a Tucker 4th Grader.  We are going on our 5th year as part of the Tucker Community. My favorite Tucker memory was creating the pumpkin pie care packages as part of the Tucker cares initiative. It as so great to see so many folks form theTucker community come and donate both food and their time to create the care packages for the Food bank. I am looking forward to an amazing school year and I am proud to be a Tucker Tiger.


Lacy Stoneburner - Co-President

Parent to pre-k and first grader. This is our family's second year at Tucker. My favorite Tucker memories have been seeing my boys play on the playground after school and build friendships with kids around the school. I love being part of the Tucker community!


Meena Tondravi - Co-President

Parent of kindergartner and 3rd grader. We have been at Tucker for four years.  My favorite Tucker memory was at my first Unity Night when all of the Kindergarteners learned how to sign and sing their song.  It was such a moving performance.


Lisa Canale Trachtman - VP Fundraising

Parent of a 5th grader. It’s our 4th year at Tucker! My fondest Tucker memory is hearing Mr. Cadet greet my son by name on his 1st week of school. He was a Tucker Tiger for less than 1 week and felt that he belonged immediately. As a family, we enjoy pot lucks, Spring Fair, Tucker Cares and all of the community gatherings. We are so grateful for the amazing teachers, staff and families who espouse kindness and community spirit.