Tucker Family Mentoring

Volunteer to help a family new to Tucker!

The Tucker Welcome Family program is an on-boarding program to assist new families. The goal of the program is to help new families transition into Tucker School by providing a point of contact and familiar face for school events and for the day-to-day questions that may arise as new families move through the first year at Tucker School.

Do we expect mentor families to know all the answers?  No!  All we ask is for you as a mentor to make yourself available (within reason and as is possible for your family) to a few (3-5) new families to give them the support you had as a new family to the school (or that you wish you had☺).

There are really two main things/tasks that Tucker mentor families are being asked to do:  

1) Share your contact info with the new families that you are paired with, and

2) Reach out by phone and email a few times during the year to make sure new families feel extra welcome at Tucker events (e.g. the open house, potluck, literacy nights) and more comfortable and prepared for important academic activities, like parent-teacher conferences, supporting their child(ren) with science or social studies fair projects, etc.  

The Welcome Family program was initiated in response to feedback from parents that were part of Harvard-led research during the 2015-2016 academic year. The research focused on the new Tucker preschool program which welcomed over 30 new families into the Tucker community.  While the research found that parents and children had extremely positive experiences with the preschool program at Tucker overall, the research suggested that parents would benefit from more intentional welcome at school events (i.e. no “empty” invitations) and more engagement with teachers and the school community.  

The mentoring program is designed to further strengthen the Tucker Community Core Values which recognize the importance of family involvement for each student where every family is involved and invested in their own way. The program aims to bolster community parental involvement efforts and be part of “purposeful family and community partnerships” that fuel an expectation of learning, growth and responsibly for ourselves, others and the world around us.”  

The program coordinator for the Welcome Family Program is Tucker parent, Erin Hardy. You may reach out to her at any time using erinfhardy@gmail.com or the school principal.

Tucker Welcome Family Program Resource Guide