5th Grade Ad

5th Grade Ad

from 18.50

A family ad is a great way to celebrate your student’s accomplishments at Tucker. Please consider purchasing an ad for your child.

If you know a business (or you own a business) who may be interested in purchasing an ad, please share this form.

(11” WIDE x 8.5” LONG) .
All ads are in color (not black and white).

To buy an ad you will need to FILL OUT THE AD FORM and UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE(S).

UPLOAD your image(s) here. You will be directed to another site and a new tab will be opened. Upload your photos. Please note photos are not recommended for 1/8th page ads.

TO FILL OUT THE AD FORM select an ad size and click “purchase” below. Fill out the ad form and complete your purchase.

Ad sizes and costs are as follows:

$100 - Full Page Ad (10" wide x 7.5" tall)

$50 - 1/2 Page Ad (4.75" wide x 7.5" tall)

$25 - 1/4 Page Ad (4.75" wide x 3.5" tall)

$18.50 - 1/8 Page Ad (2.1825" wide x 3.5 " tall)

Ad Size:
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